We believe that everyone is called to follow Jesus and contribute to a local church family, and we are committed to help you become all that God has called you to be. From your initial decision to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, to your role in changing lives, we’ll help you navigate your discipleship journey. 


iGrow, which serves as a roadmap for your discipleship journey, is divided into 4 parts:

iGrow 1: Come, iGrow 2: Grow, iGrow 3: Serve, and iGrow 4: Lead.

As you go through the iGrow course, you’ll learn essential truths about God's word, gain clarity regarding God's purpose for your life, and discover how you can contribute to the IFGF LA family. 

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  • iGrow 1: Come

    Learn the foundations of the Christian faith and become educated on important spiritual topics, such as God's plan of salvation, cultivating a daily relationship with God, baptism, the Holy Spirit, and more. 

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    Upon completing iGrow 1, participants are encouraged to join Encounter Weekend to apply and experience what they learned in class. 

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  • iGrow 2: Grow

    Learn the importance of belonging to a spiritual home where you can experience protection and support while you grow in Christlikeness.

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  • iGrow 3: Serve

    Discover the value of ministry and your unique, God-given gifts that you can use to serve God and others. 

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  • iGrow 4: Lead

    Learn how to lead people to Jesus and make disciples, and receive the training you need to start and facilitate your own Care Group.