Soteriology 101

Salvation is a mysterious phenomenon. In fact, most Christians experience salvation long before they understand it. Yet, as Christians, we have a duty to understand and articulate this mystery to the best of our ability for several reasons. 

First, we need to understand salvation so that we can worship God in truth. God seeks worshippers who worship in Spirit and truth. 

Second, we need to understand salvation because sanctification recapitulates salvation, which is just a fancy way of saying that there is a direct connection between our view of salvation and our Christian experience. A wrong view of salvation will result in a misguided walk. 

Third, we need to understand salvation because we are Christ’s ambassadors. Paul asserts that we are Christ’s ambassadors and that we have been given the message of reconciliation. How can we boldly exhort people, “Be reconciled to God!” if we cannot explain the way of reconciliation? Indeed, how can we be convinced of our own salvation if we do not understand what it is or how it works? 


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