As Americans our faith is not overtly persecuted but subtly subverted. However, the fact we live in a free society does not mean that there are not challenges to our faith; nor does it mean that we don’t face opposition. The greatest threat to our faith is not physical persecution but cultural assimilation.  

This forces us to admit that we do not live in a “Christian nation.” There is no doubt that America was built on the foundation of Judeo-Christian values, and these values paved the way for the emancipation of slaves, women’s rights, and religious freedom. But in the US we have entered a “post-Christian” era that places the individual at the center of the universe and has made personal satisfaction the highest virtue. We live in a culture that has made relativity dogma. And we have become our own gods. By nature, these values and paradigms are very hostile to the gospel. But again, our faith is not overtly attacked; it’s subtly subverted. 

As Christians living in the western world, we need to learn how to thrive in our historical and cultural setting. We need to learn how to have faith in a faithless society.  Thankfully for us, we are not the first believers who have had to thrive in a faithless society. The story of Daniel is a story about a group of Israelites who found themselves living as exiles in a foreign land after their homeland was conquered by the Babylonian Empire. 

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