july 11-26

We have chosen Bali as our 2018 Summer Mission destination because of the great needs that we see there. 

Here are a few of the needs that we see in Bali:

1. Bali is ranked 3rd nationwide for the number of reported HIV/AIDS cases with a staggering number of 17,000 cases in the year of 2016

2. Bali has one of the highest populations of drug addicts in Indonesia, and is a popular hub for the distribution

and transportation of drugs

3. Only 2.5% of the population is made up of Christians

4. Christianity is the youngest religion in Bali, the first recorded baptism happened around the year 1939

Without divine intervention, Bali youth and teenagers are headed toward a life full of sexual immorality, drug abuse, and regret. We expect God to transform countless lives as we serve the people of Bali and shine the light of Christ.

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