1. Abstaining from eating at certain times

For those who have previously fasted, it is recommended to skip two meals. 

The fasting period is from 10pm every night until 6pm the next day. So you have

a 4-hour eating window every day (6pm

to 10pm). 

For those fasting for the first time, it is recommended to skip just one meal in the day. You can choose to skip either breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

For those who are not physically fit, it is recommended to fast up till noon only.

2. Abstaining from consuming certain foods

Avoid consumption of certain meats (e.g. pork, fish, chicken, etc.) or other foods

that you consume on a daily basis (e.g. chocolate, coffee, tea, rice, bread, etc.) for 21 days. 

Your personal fast should present a level

of challenge, but it is very important

to know your body, your options, and

most importantly, to seek God in prayer and follow what the Holy Spirit leads you

to do.