1. During 21 days, pray for at least 1 name that is in need of Christ. Contact them and set aside time to meet them personally and pray over their needs.

2. Reduce the time we spend on our gadgets or watching television. Set aside routine time to have communion with God. Worship Him, read 21 Days Prayer and Fasting Devotional and meditate upon His word.

3. During devotional time, spend time to intercede for your family members who are

in need of salvation, proclaim blessings upon them, intercede for our country and nation, and proclaim a soul harvest upon our local church.

4. Ask God for His wisdom and vision to lead us throughout 2019.

5. Attend corporate prayer at your local church and share testimony to strengthen the body of Christ.

Always maintain a clean and compassionate heart. Remember that this prayer and fasting period is not simply a matter of not eating or drinking, but rather giving ourselves to spend more time with the Lord. 

As we withdraw from our fleshly desires, we draw closer to God. When we focus on the Lord, we will discover that God has been waiting to show us great and wonderful things beyond what we could ever ask or think

(Isaiah 30:18).