1. Overcoming Sin

Breaking the power and consequences

of sin in our lives and families. Asking

the Lord to create in us a new heart. 

Asking Him to change our character

and everything that distracts us from

His purpose. 

2. Seeking God

We want to draw closer to Him, to hear

His voice and see His wonders. 

3. Breaking Free

We can break the power of habits and problems that affect us negatively. 

We will destroy all the altars and situations that lead us into compromise and sin in

our life. Prayer and fasting is a powerful way to ask for God’s intervention and deliverance (Galatians 5:1). 

4. Help with Decisions

This time of prayer will bring clarity in

our lives. Ask for God’s direction in

the decisions that we need to make. 

We will pray for our plans and projects

this year. 

5. Building our Personal Faith

This will be a time of personal renewal

that will build our faith as individuals

and as a church. (Jude 1:20)