Pastors Derek & Debra Williamson are

on fire for marriage! Are you? We are

on fire about God’s plan, purpose and design for marriage. 

What do we mean by that? Well, we believe marriage is a sacred blood covenant entered into, before and blessed by, God. 

We believe marriage is the foundation of family, and if the marriage is healthy, it will enrich each family member in spiritual ways. 

We believe that God gave marriage to His church, not the world. 

We believe the beauty of marriage is; we choose it and if we feed and nurture it, it will not only work, but thrive. 

Quite simply, to us, our marriage is Unbreakable!


Daniel and May Hanafi are senior pastors at IFGF Los Angeles, where they have been serving for 29 years. In addition to preaching and planting churches around the world, Pastor Danny has taught marriage seminars in places like Europe, Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, New Zealand, and the United States. 

Pastor Danny and May have been married for 31 years and, together, they have raised two daughters, Charissa and Christy.