Debt Free 2020 is our capital campaign to pay off three property mortgages in Monrovia, Hollywood, and Orange County ($2.5 million). Paying off these mortgages will release nearly $20,000 of monthly cashflow that can be invested back into the ministry. This campaign will position IFGF LA for continued service and growth, and will allow us to continue our local and global mission outreach.

A Home Away from Home

For more than 20 years, International Full Gospel Fellowship of Los Angeles has been a home away from home where young people can grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

A Global Reach

IFGF LA has impacted countless lives around the world by training future leaders, preaching the gospel to over a million souls, and planting three thousand churches across three continents.

A Bright Future

As we look into the future, our burden is to serve the un-churched, multi-ethnic communities in Los Angeles; and we plan to continue our mission efforts in central Asia and where the gospel has never been preached before.