Have you ever experienced a crisis? Have you ever experienced a crisis in your family, in your finances, or in your walk with God? Have you ever received a phone call that made your heart sink? Maybe a loved one passed away or your doctor had bad news. Has you boss ever told you that you’re getting laid off? Have you ever had a health problem that just did not go away – that no matter how many people prayed for you, and no matter how long you’ve begged God to heal you, the news just doesn’t get any better? Have you experienced a crisis in your life?

The crises that we experience confront us with the painful reality that, although Jesus has ushered in God’s kingdom and had made God’s blessings available to us, we still live in a world that is broken and full of pain. The question is not if we will experience a crisis, but when will experience a crisis. And the even bigger question – a question that I hope to answer over the next few weeks – is how. How do we go through a crisis without losing our minds or our hope in God? How do we go through the most painful moments of our lives and continue to believe that God is good, loving, and just? How do we navigate our crisis without having a crisis of faith?