andrew damazio

A youth enthusiast, Andrew Damazio oversaw one of the largest youth ministries on the West Coast call Generation Unleashed at City Bible Church. 

Andrew has been married six years to his Italian, New Yorker, wife; Julia. Together they have a boy named Cruz Jackson and a daughter named Quinn.


Daniel was born in NZ and raised in Sydney Australia, but returned to his country of birth for seven years along with his beautiful wife Clare and their three children Esther, Joel and Laura. Daniel now resides on the Gold Coast, Australia to pursue his purpose in life.

As a young child he learnt how to overcome adversity in his life... Daniel was raised in a relatively “normal” family, however, at an early age he went through trauma and challenges that no child should have to face! Although this potentially could have affected his life, he through a series of decisions moved out of the victim train and onto the victory train!

Daniel's upbringing was the ignition to pursue his passion in life which is to work with teens and young people; he has done this for over 18 years, empowering them to live their dream and not settle for second best.

He has founded a Charitable Trust along with his wife, empowering young people and families for life by equipping them with the tools to flourish through life’s challenges. He reaches tens of thousands of people throughout the year through his speaking, and in recent years has raised well over a million dollars to support this cause. Daniel has shared valuable insights and tools on NZ National TV and National Radio, and has helped families and youth to overcome adversity.

Daniel speaks regularly nationally and overseas sharing his principles and vision to many audiences, opening their minds and hearts to life’s possibilities and opportunities. He speaks from the heart, and has a unique ability to connect with and move teens and young people to inspire that change they have been seeking within themselves. His passionate delivery leaves people captivated, stirred and alive…

jude Fouquier

Pastors Jude and his wife, Becky are the lead pastors of The City Church. Together with a team of people, they founded The City Church in Ventura in 2010. Pastor Jude holds a degree in business from Oral Roberts University. Pastors Jude & Becky have been in ministry for over 25 years and have a passion to build a life-giving local church that influences individuals and the world. They have three adult sons - Jude and his wife Ciara, Jon and his wife Natalie, and Jake their youngest.